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The week is already going by quickly! Tuesday is already over! How did that happen?
I'm always surprised at how quickly the days go by! It's crazy!!

Today after a long day in the city, Dave came over. We were going to go to the golf range, but I really was just super tired and wasn't in the mood. So, I made him an omelet for dinner (it's what he wanted!) and we watched the movie "Fools Rush In" with my mom. I also finished some of my homework for next week, and it feels good to be somewhat ahead.

I got so much work accomplished on campus today! I was so proud of myself! I know that sounds super cheesy, but it's true! I was able to start and finish a pattern sketch for a pair of men's 18th century breeches, which made me happy. I have a lot of sketches to do by the end of the semester, and anything that I can do ahead of time is great!!

Bed time now. Tomorrow will be another long day as well!!