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The weekend is going by so quickly, but I had a good weekend so I can't complain.

I don't remember Friday night. I think i just hung out with Dave. Maybe? No. We went golfing. He went to the driving range and shot some balls, and then we played a game of mini golf. There was a woman in front of us who was so mean to her kids - at one point she was like, "Shut the hell up and hit the ball." So the kid hits it, but his sister is on the green and it was a good shot, but it hit her feet and got messed up. The kid didn't seem to care but the mom said, "If (kid's name, I don't remember)'s fat ass wasn't in the way, he would have gotten a hole in one." Nice. Tell your 10 year old she has a fat ass. That won't cause a complex...

Saturday I went down to my townhouse, got the mail. Then I did some shopping in the great mall down there. I bought these fabulous shoes for my internship/future jobs:

And then I bought this for Jenn's birthday: (the one on the right) from Pottery Barn

We're meeting for lunch this week so I can give it to her then.

I also bought Dave's mom some accessories from Pottery Barn's office stuff for her upcoming birthday.

Then I went to JoAnn fabric and bought fabric for my halloween costume! The line for the fabric cutting table was horrendous! The woman in front of us had her daughter and her mother along - and the grandmother to the little girl was going to make her a halloween costume. She is going to be Mrs. Claus (for halloween? Whatever...) and they were going all out on this costume! They bought 5 yards of red velvet (which was $25 a yard, by the way)!! I can't imagine any child's costume using 5 yards of any fabric! Plus fur trimming and gold trimming and lace, and net...I wonder if the kid will be able to walk in this thing. Or maybe it will be a hot halloween?? A nice 75 degree day?? I'm sure it will be adorable, but my Little Red Riding hood (4 yards of red for cape and vest, 2 yards of red and white striped satin for the skirt and panties, 2 yards of white satin for the blouse, 2 yards of net for under the skirt, a 7" zipper, interfacing, ribbon and gold trim) cost $30!! I was just shocked. I hope the kid doesn't grow so she'll be able to wear it more than once!! So yesterday evening and this morning I have been sewing!!

Last night Dave and I went to a party at his married friends' house (not Meag and Bart like last weekend) and that was nice. I wasn't feeling so great though - soda makes me sick and I had it at my townhouse with lunch and then at Dave's before the party for dinner (we had pizza, chicken parm and eggplant parm) so it was just gurgling away and not fun...

The funniest thing though happened on the way to the party. The couple that was in front of us during mini golf, the mean mom and her husband, parked next to us also in the parking lot, and we both got to our cars at the same time. So we are driving to the liquor store so he can bring beer to the party. And he's like, "that's the guy!" Me: "huh? What guy?" The car driving away for the liqour store was the car and the same couple from mini golf! But mini golf is in a totally different city from us and the liquor store! What are the chances? It was the same car, the same dude, the same wife! Very strange. Maybe after she drinks she's nicer to her kids...

This morning I went to Dave's and made him breakfast. I cooked taylor ham, egg and cheese on whole wheat toast.

So far on my costume I have the skirt almost completely done and the blouse is about half way done.

Bobby's lion sweater is coming along beautifully! I have the top and under belly panels both finished. I just need to attach them together, then knit the collar section, the tail, and the leg hole bands.

This evening is a party for my mother's birthday. Should be fun! I was in charge of making the jello mold and the salad. I made that this morning before going to Dave's for breakfast but after working on the Little Red Riding Hood skirt.

This sounds as if I did a whole lot this weekend! I guess I did!!