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Dave and I have been planning on going away this weekend and now it might not happen. Grr.

Work was good today and I also spent some time in the city working on my 1920's beaded white gown. My camera batteries were completely dead though, so there were some pictures that needed to be taken that didn't get done. That just means I have to spend more time there another day soon. I also sketched an 18th century woman's mule shoe and part of and 18th century men's coat. I only got half way through the coat, but it's looking good so far. I actually enjoy sketching, more than I thought I would! It totally helps me understand patterns and fabric and sewing more. Very cool.

When I got home today, I cooked some steaks for my family and I and we ate dinner. It was quite yummy. This evening, I will be doing a lot of reading and homework. Fun!