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Good morning! I'm at work and appear to be in a writing mood, so I just thought that I would update!

I'm really interested in making this sweater:

On my 101 in 1001, I have listed that I want to make a sweater, and I think that is the one I would like to do! I really like it!

I should probably finish some of my other projects that I am in the middle of though. I'm not the type of person that starts something and never finishes it - but I am the type of person that will start something and then start another one and then it keeps adding. Then I have about 10 things going on at the same time!

I'm currently in the middle of:

-green feather flutter blouse. I have to add the front pieces for the buttons, and I might have to edit the size - it looks a tiny bit big. So I stopped.
-portrait of Tuffy - I'm almost done. I just need to add finishing highlight and lowlight brushstrokes
-Halloween costume of Little Red Riding Hood - I need to do a lot of work on that - but it does have a definitive deadline that I know I will make!
-1970's pattern - tiered dress - I need to serge some of the inner seams
-Garden counted cross stitch - I have a lot to do, even though I have already finished a lot of it!
-I bought fabric for two other dresses that I haven't even begun to look it. I want to make them so badly!!!
-Lion sweater for Bobby - I have the bulk of it done, but need to just put it together and finish it!!
-I'm behind on an order of photo prints from Shutterfly that need to be scrapbooked
-1 shoulder tank with ruffle - I need finish it and insert grommets so I can wear it by next summer

I think that is every unfinished project that I have started - and that is a lot!!! So if I can cross a few off the list I will be very happy!

All of this is on top of webdesign for work, freelance webdesign, writing a thesis for MSU, writing a thesis for FIT, an internship at an art gallery for MSU, and a social life! Yikes!

For FIT, this is the final project that will consume a lot of my time, but in a good way:

I will be vacuuming, reattaching loose beads, relining the left sleeve, couching holes in the chiffon, reattaching the waistband, washing it and steaming it. I think it will look really nice when I am finished because it is such a pretty dress to begin with!

101 in 1001 update! Well, I don't think I really crossed anything completely off the list this month! I got through Harry Potter 1 - but I also started another series - Agatha Raisin by M.C. Beaton. Also, I ordered HP2 on Bookmooch.com and it hasn't come in yet - so I can't read it until it arrives!! I started knitting Bobby's lion sweater. I finished all of the requirements for the FIT internship - I had to finish the journal and create a binder with all of the publications and what not, and I did finish that this month. I'm also working my way through my MSU internship! That's about it for this month. How anti-climactic!

Dave came over last night. He has a computer file that has like, every Nintendo game ever created and he put it on my computer. He brought over a controller, and I was able to play The Little Mermaid, Adventure Island, and Bump & Jump - my favorite games from when I was younger. The Barbie file didn't work, which was my other favorite game. But, my mom reminded me that our NES Barbie game didn't work well either, so there may just be issues with the game in general. Oh well. At least I have the Little Mermaid!!!

Then I watched "Dirty, Sexy Money." Best show ever. I'm in love. There were so many parts that were just hysterical and I loved it. Wednesday night tv is going to be my day. I'm going to watch Kid Nation, Private Practice (not really interested, but it's on between Kid Nation and Dirty Sexy Money) and then Dirty Sexy Money. I'm in love.

Stephanie was supposed to come away with us too this weekend - but she never confirmed it with me (just told me she was going to "try" to get off of work) and then went away this past weekend. Everyone else who was going to come (there was going to be like, 10 people!) contacted us and one by one, it was down to just Dave and I. Now, Dave and I can't go. Cynthia and Kendra are both going to their own houses, which are all a few blocks away from mine, that's how we all know each other, our vacation homes are super close and we spend our summers together - and I'd love to see them, but Dave and I can't go! Then I talked to Stephanie last night, and she was trying to make me feel bad for not going - and I'm like, I can't change the reason why Dave and I can't go! Then she said that she "pulled a lot of strings to get out of work" - but she didn't tell me this! She hasn't contacted me for days, and when all these decisions were being made, she was in Florida with her boyfriend! It just makes me frustrated - don't make me feel bad when 1. you had a vacation last weekend anyway, 2. you didn't contact me to confirm that you even had gotten off work (I also heard from her that she would come Saturday night - but Dave and I were planning on leaving Sunday mid morning/lunch - what's the point then? It's a 2.5 hour drive!) 3. I can't control the reasons as to why we can't go! Ugh!! So I'm still annoyed we're not going, but I didn't need that on top of it! Next weekend is Dave's cousins' son's 1st birthday party, so we can't go then. The weekend after I receive my comprehensive exam questions, and NEED to work on those! (30 pages of writing!) They are then due the 29th of October, a Monday. That pushes our next available relaxing vacation time to the first weekend in November! It's friggin' cold then!!

So I feel bad that the four of us (Dave, Mike, Stephanie, me) aren't able to go together, but there really isn't anything I can do to change it! But then maybe I can get more work done on my Halloween costume instead...

(I just realized that this entry is huge, and I've covered a million topics for tagging purposes...haha)


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Sep. 27th, 2007 05:32 pm (UTC)
Wow that IS a lot of projects :)
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