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This evening, my mom, dad, Dave and I went to a surprise party for my mom's cousin. We got there a bit late since there was TONS of traffic so we missed the whole yelling "Surprise!" part, but I think we can handle it. I had a great time hanging out with some of my cousins - I say some as in, some were there, not that I only enjoyed company of some of the ones who were there - (that's what I hate about typing and blogging as opposed to talking in person, it's hard to differentiate and put correct emphasis on words...) and it was just pleasant.

Here are some pictures of the evening. Just two.

My cousin Jenni, me, and my cousin Ellie.

Me this evening!

I'm fairly tired from driving (the restaurant where we all met was about an hour from where we live) and Dave fell asleep in the car both there and back.

Today I worked and had a meeting at the art gallery. I'm really enjoying this semester and my internship.