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Yesterday Dave and I went to his cousin's son's first birthday party. The weather was beautiful - we were all wearing tank tops and shorts for a birthday party in October! It's crazy!! But it was nice, and it was good to see his family so that was nice.

In the evening we just hung out and did nothing, haha. The party took up most of the day and we were just tired by 8 pm! We did watch part of the end of "The Family Stone" but we had both already seen it, so it was just a mellow evening.

This morning I went to church with my mother and Aunt Betty. After that, we went to Panera for lunch and it was really good.

Now I should be working on homework. I have to do a weaving assignment for my conservation class and I only have part of it finished. I'm going to get working on that!!

Tonight I am going over to Alyson's for corned beef and cabbage dinner. Yum.