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I'm working on one of my comprehensive exams for MSU, but I just wanted to post two pictures from last night. They're really not all that wonderful but I just need to do something for a minute other than working on my paper.

Me and Dave at Thorsten's birthday party. I look super tired, since I had been runing around all day with homecoming and stuff. Dave was just tired too from biking and falling.

Dave's arm. He removed the bandaging cause it was oozing through and this is what it looked like. Poor guy.

Today Dave is out apple picking with John, Lisa, Michelle and Thorsten. I was supposed to go too, but I'm working on my exams instead. So not fair.

At least I will be one stop closer to a master's degree when this is finished!!

Edit - I forgot he was wearing that shirt last night from Ruehl, hahaha. It's terrible. (Even though in the store, I actually pointed it out to show him) So yeh, don't mind the disrespectful shirt.