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I just feel so out of it and I'm not sure why. I made dinner for everyone tonight, Mexican casserole again, and it was yummy. Dave came and ate with us - he went to the doctor's again cause a nurse had looked at his arm today and said it looked infected. So they took some cultures for it and will get back to him. Yikes.

I went to my sorority meeting on Monday since I'm now an active member (I figured I should donate to them by paying dues and try to come around more often!) Today on lunch at work too I stopped by to see them all at table hours. That was nice.

I need to do some laundry since I'm behind on that. Oops. Maybe I'll get to it later.

I just feel like there is so much that I need to get done, but then I don't get around to any of it.

A client stopped by today to give me the materials for his website. I should start working on that asap too! I think it's going to be really great and I'm excited about doing it!

Homework time. No fun.