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10.18.07 b

My crappy mood from this morning continued all day. It just felt like every little thing I did went wrong at some point - I couldn't find a seat on the train, when I finally did, it was in the first car and I was directly over the bell the chimed and vibrated every time we neared a station - that sort of thing.

Also, in class, we worked on padded boards, and mine was just not cooperating. I finally was able to finish it and it came out all right, but it was a beast to work on during the process!

I had talked to Stephanie to do freelance work selling paintings for a friend of a friend and she told me she was too busy - even though she has an ebay business. So I told my friend no, then she texted me saying she could do it. Too late. It just annoys me that I thought I could rely on her and thought she'd be happy that I found a way for her to make extra cash and expand her business and she says no? Nice.

I wanted to work on one of my comprehensive exams today but I just seem to have this block on it so far. Tomorrow, that is the goal of the day.

In the evening, Dave and I are going to a bar with his friends to celebrate someone's birthday. I'm not even sure who's birthday we'll be celebrating, but we're going!

While watching Grey's Anatomy, I made myself a cosmo.

Now I'm planning on going to bed! I made a counted cross stitch AIX pattern that I'm going to stitch up. Not sure when I'll get around to it, but I will at some point!! Ugh!