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I took the day off to work on one of my comprehensive exams. I didn't finish it, which was my original goal, but I did make a lot of headway on it. It has been editted, and now I need to just fill in the sparse areas, edit the typos, and finish the bibliography and footnotes. Not too bad. It will be finished by the end of the weekend and that is all that matters.

Dave and I were going to go out tonight to a bar with his friends, but he took the day off too since he wasn't feeling so hot. This morning, i woke up, and Dave was at my door! He stayed for a bit and then went off to rest and do his own thing while I typed away. It would have been nice if we were able to spend the entire day with one another, but he wasn't in the state to and I had too much work to finish. Boo.

I also did some laundry and put out my sweaters in my closet. I had put them in the cedar closet during the summer, and now they're out again! The weather is getting cooler and it is sweater time! My closet is fairly large (I've posted pics before - I LOVE my closet) so I have the luxury to keep my seasonal clothing out for all seasons. I just put away the sweaters so they don't get moth eaten. That wouldn't be cool.

Tomorrow Dave and I have a busy day as well. Should be fun though!

I also need to work on little gifts some more. I went to AC Moore with my mom today as a break from writing and I picked up some stuff. I'm excited about it!

Tomorrow is another day, and I hope to finish this comprehensive exam and get started on some gifts and other FIT homework. We'll see!