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Well, it's Wednesday. I'm at work today and things are going well for the most part.

I have some sewing homework that is due tomorrow along with freelance design work. That is how I will be spending my evening. I also really want to see Dave since I didn't get a chance to last night. Instead, I went to the local PetSmart with my mother and sister, and Bobby as the Groom, Molly as the Bridesmaid and Rory as the Bride for a Halloween pet costume parade and contest. We just went along for fun and it was cute to see our little brownies dressed in costumes. And then guess what happened? We won the contest!! We got a gift certificate and a ribbon! How funny. We were shocked since there were so many other cute costumes!

But that took up an hour or so, and then I just scanned away for the site I'm working on. Then it was late and I went to bed. So tonight, I'd really like to see Dave.

I just updated my sorority's web site as well. Take a look at it here! I like to keep it as up to date as possible so visitors will see that we are an active, friendly group, and that it will hopefully attract more girls in the future. I try.

This weekend is filling up quite quickly! We have a Halloween party on Friday and a family party for my family on Sunday. I think I already wrote about this the other day though? I don't even know. Ha.

Back to getting work done!


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Oct. 24th, 2007 09:20 pm (UTC)
Aww, did you take pics of the doggies? I'd love to see their costumes :)
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