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10.25.07 What I did in school today!

Lo and behold the wig I made today in class out of paper twist for my 1890's mannequin, dressed in a white lingerie dress:

It was actually quite relaxing untwisting the paper twist and then creating the wig in the manner that hair actually grows. And now another part of my final project is finished, so I can check that part off the list!! Woohoo!

Dave came over this evening and we watched Grey's Anatomy together with my mom. He went with his brother today to buy a car (his brother got one, not him) and he was tired so didn't stay long but it was still nice hanging out for a bit.

I also did a lot of billing this evening for freelance web clients. I installed a program on my computer that I hadn't used before that automates the billing process, so I entered in my clients' information and it made the whole process much easier. Now I will be able to stay super organized!!

I'm really looking forward to the weekend. My to-do list isn't as massive as it has been some weekends, but there still is a lot I need to do! Especially cleaning and laundry! Eek!!