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I just finished my comprehensive exams and e-mailed them to my advisor. It feels as if a lot of pressure was just lifted. I'm thrilled that they are finished and sent off.

Last night Dave and I went out to dinner and then planned to go see the Heartbreak Kid. However, parking at the theater we went to was horrendous and it was just crazy, so we decided that we were both just tired and spent the evening at home. We watched part of "Enemy of the State," drank hot cocoa and walked Daisy and Joey. It was a nice evening.

I have to clean the house now - I did some organizing yesterday. Things were just out of control since I was so preoccupied with the comps. I have other homework for FIT that I should work on too, so I hope I can get to that later. We'll see.

I need to do some sewing too! I miss it so much! Hopefully sometime this week I can work on that.

Back to organizing, cleaning and some web design!