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I didn't make it to class today. I ended up spending the entire day working on things from home that needed to get home cause I just didn't think I'd make it through the day. I feel terrible cause I hate missing class, but since I hardly ever do miss class, I think it will be okay.

I ended up finishing two sites for two clients. That made me so happy. I still have a lot more to do though, but that was a large chunk that I accomplished.

I then finished one report and burned a CD for my teacher of all of my work associated with this one (bleaching) project.

Then I spent some time working on my final presentation for my advanced conservation class. I added some more images to the power point and worked on some of the text for it. I have a lot of time before that is due, but I figure it's a good idea to keep the power point up to date as I move along on the project.

I then bought glass rocaille beads for that dress project - it is missing some beads that I will need to reattach and I went out and found them.

I then deep-cleaned the living room, kitchen, dining room and one bathroom. We are hosting a party here this weekend and I wanted to get a head start on that. In the kitchen, I polished all of the cabinets, scrubbed the floor and the fridge, along with surface cleaning and vacuuming. We have a big kitchen too...haha.

These pictures aren't from today, but they show the kitchen!! It's all super pretty now! Yey!

Also, while I was home, I took Tuffy for a walk to the mailbox since I had some billing to mail out for web design, along with bills to pay for the townhouse. I think he enjoyed it, as did I!

So I think my day was spent well. I still have a lot of things I need to do, but I did check off a ton from my list today!!

Dave come over in the evening then and I made him dinner and we watched a few episodes of Pimp My Ride on MTV and drank hot cocoa. How sweet!