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Things have just been crazy here. I'm not sure how I am surviving but I am. Barely.

I gave one of my big presentations of the semester and I am just thrilled that it is over. I have a lot more projects to work one, and that is just one more that I can cross off my list and not have to worry about.

I have a lot of freelance work that I also need to do. I'm excited about that though!

I'm just super stressed about life. I always think I can handle everything that I get myself into, and for the most part I can, but lately everything is just catching up with me and it's not cool. Yikes.

Plus I have a lot of overdue library books that I can't return becuase I'm still using them. Oops.

On the plus side, one of my credit cards this month had only $31 in charges on it. Wowee. I'm so busy, I don't even have time to shop!!! That is depressing in one way, but fabulous as well.

I visited the pledges today in the cafe and it was fun to see them.

Ok I'm leaving work soon and trying to get a handle on everything that I need to accomplish.