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Today I'm going to finish all my homework and projects that are due for this upcoming week. I started last night - I missed the sorority's pledge event so that I would be able to attend upcoming pledge events. I just have so much work and I know I wouldn't have been able to have a lot of time away from finishing up homework. That would just really put me behind for the rest of the week and then that would have been terrible.

Eileen - how'd it go??? Let me know!

While picking up dinner for my family last night, I went to a gift store nearby and bought another Webkinz. Hah. It was a brown arabian pony and oh so cute. We gave Rory one of the plush animals cause as much as I love the codes, I really don't need the animals. she loooooooved it, so that made me happy. Plus, the Webkinz are like the same price as dog toys, so we all win!!

I hope to get my homework done early today so I can do some scrapbooking or sewing! The other night I ended up working on some embroidery as a little gift. I finished it and I'm happy with the way it came out, but I'd love to put some of my photos I have in albums or work on a dress I really want to work on!

My semester basically ends December 6th which to me feels super early. I just need to get through one more month, and then I will be oh-so-close to graduating with two master's degrees! I can't wait!!!!