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I ended up having a really productive day, which was wonderful!

I spent a lot of time in the conservation lab today working on my final project for my advanced conservation project. (The beaded 1918 dress that I have mentioned previously) I have now vacuumed it, steamed it, reattached the belt since it was drooping and hanging, re-beaded the flowers that had bead loss, and stitched in most of the support sleeve lining for the sleeve with the big rips in it. After I finish the lining, I'm basically almost done will all the work on it that I will need to do for the semester. I'm super happy that it's coming along well!

In the evening, I started working on a sewing project for fun that has been on my list for a LONG time - a brown and blue paisley dress for fall/winter. (This Dress) I cut most of the pattern pieces this evening. I stopped when Dave came over, which was a good breaking point cause cutting pattern pieces can be quite boring after a while. I still need to cut two sleeves, the belt and the front yolk I believe. I don't even remember. But, that's coming along well too. I hope to wear it to the next gathering - Dave's mom's birthday? Thanksgiving? Some upcoming event.

Dave and I drank hot cocoa and just hung out. It was nice seeing him, as it always is. I basically see him every day, but I always get so giddy each time we're together. Ha. I'm such a loser!

Bedtime. Tomorrow is going to be busy - every day is busy!!!