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I'm having issues with both my camera and my cell phone. And I want to replace both, but I know it appears to be that no matter what I buy, I'll still hate it! I don't realize I hate them until they've been in my use for a while. Ugh.

My old HP camera was about 5.5 megapixels and big. The color settings on it were not "accurate" (ever - even after white balancing!) but the pictures were somehow very flattering of people. (Look at the pictures from the previous entry - when I got Elyse as my little, that was the old HP. My hair color is the same. My skin is the same degree of non-tanned. I'm the same weight. But I LOVE the look of the pictures of Elyse's getting in and hate all the degrees of shadows, lines and icky stuff that shows on my face in Aiko's getting in. Ugh!)

Also, no matter what, the red eye feature on my new Canon never works. The HP? Never ever had a picture without sparkling blue eyes. I just don't get it. The negative to the HP was that for FIT homework, the color of my textiles was always a little off. So now I know just to use the Canon only for things like that.

So basically, I upgraded my camera to a "better" camera (7 megapixels, Canon, correct color) but I hate the photos it takes.) I'm going back to my old clunker, made by a company that is NOT known at all for it's fabulous cameras but takes really flattering pictures. Or else I may never display a photograph again!

My cell phone is another issue. I have the Razor. Everyone I know hates their Razor. I can make one phone call after the battery is fully charged and it will beep all day that the battery is dying. Or, like Sunday and yesterday, I can make about 20 phone calls and it will still have four bars of battery. It's so unpredictable.

Also, it has a new bad habit that I can't seem to figure out. I have an earpiece. I use it at home when I'm talking and working on things, and when I'm driving. But, sometimes, if I unplug the phone, the earpiece automatically turns on. Then the earpiece, sometimes in my purse, will hit a pencil or whatever in my purse and automatically dial random people. Then they call me back and I pick up the phone - and of course I can't hear them cause it's going to my earpiece. So, I dig through my purse to find the earpiece, turn it off, call back the person and ask whats up and why they called me, only to find out I CALLED THEM FIRST!! and they heard everything around me - conversations, train announcements, stuff going on in class! It's crazy!! And it just started doing this! AH!

So I complain. And my mom says either deal with it and don't complain, or buy a new one. And I hate to buy something new cause I know it will have a whole OTHER host of problems.

I understand that electornics and all that jazz are here to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, they just make me violent and unhappy. No kidding.

My sewing machine is on that list too. My new one hasn't come in yet, but I'm 99% sure there will be something about the new one that will make me mad. And unless you try out EVERY electronic device for a two week trial period, the odds are always against you for buying the CORRECT one for your needs. Ahhhhhhh.

Today I have a lot of errands and stuff to do. I have to finish the design on a freelance client, do a few small edits for another freelance client, get my oil changed, returned unused yarn, and work on some homework. I'd also love to get some more sewing done on the dress that I just started. But, I don't know if that will happen. Boo.

I'm really excited about Thanksgiving break. We are hosting Thanksgiving at our house because we always do, and then I will have the following days to do homework and catch up on life. Some of my homework due at the end of the semester is totally under control. Other parts of it are a little flakey. I need to work on my final paper for my accessories class on "Stocking and Tights in the 1960s." I'm interested about the topic, I just need to buckle down and really start working on it. I have some research, but I still have a lot to do!!!

Back to work. I'm keeping afloat of all the work projects that have come my way, so at least I'm not stressing about that! And life with Dave and my family is great, so that doesn't bother me either. It's just school work and maintainence of life (oil change!!!!!) that are bringing me down! Yikes!!!


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Nov. 14th, 2007 11:24 pm (UTC)
My RAZR does the same thing, and I know my friend Andy's RAZR did it too, with the beeping and the battery. I think it's just a defect in the phone. Some days it'll stay charged forever. Other days, it's done after 20 minutes.
Nov. 15th, 2007 06:34 am (UTC)
sorry to hear about your technology woes. i've never had a good camera that i liked but right now i have the canon elph and that's a pretty good consumer camera. most people i know with it like it. i also had a razor but i replaced with my current blackberry and while it's not perfect, it's so much better. i do think you should replace the stuff ... especially since you're so unhappy with it. it's true that nothing will be perfect but at least some of the pros and cons might even out or the pros might even outnumber the cons. good luck! i hate getting oil changes too!
Nov. 19th, 2007 07:39 am (UTC)
I have a RAZR and s SLVR and the only problem I've had with them is one of the little prongs that connects to the charger broke one time- but the guy at the Cingular booth and I are friends so he replaced it for free. Otherwise I love mine. You should take yours in and see if there's something wrong with it, and if not perhaps buy a new battery for it? Sometimes if you cycle the battery too many times they get worn out and won't hold a charge, and since the batteries aren't too expensive it might be a good fix.

And I feel you on the camera woes. I feel like my digital camera pictures are never as flattering as my 35MM photos- I think part of the reason is that the better quality=more visible flaws- ick! sometimes a little blur is nice =)
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