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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

Tonight Dave and I are going out to a local bar to see some old friends from high school -it's sort of a tradition in our town, and it was at a Thanksgiving eve bar that Dave and I originally met. I mean, we went to high school together, and we knew of each other, but we weren't friends or anything. So yeh. Should be pleasant.

I spent a lot of time working on the purple satin dress last night. I made a few mistakes on the skirt while sewing it to the bodice - some of the gathers got a little screwy. So I will redo them at some point over the weekend. I believe this weekend I will be going to the city with my mom for fabric shopping and to two museums, which should be nice. I know I will enjoy having a long weekend!

Tomorrow we are hosting dinner at our house. I should clean a bit when I get home - the house sorta smells a bit like a puppy. Not even pee or poop - just, puppy smell! Charley is really funny - he'll sit on my lap and fart - and it will be pretty putrid. Then he'll look at me accusingly as if to say "how dare YOU let something that vile near my cute little puppy nose!" and then I have to explain to him that he is offended by HIS OWN FARTS. He's such a darling.

I'm beginning to really start my Christmas shopping. I already have some things for Dave and my sister, but I'm trying to plan the rest of my gifts. It's actually kinda difficult! I'm debating if it's easier to do it online with shipping costs, or spen the time to brave the stores. I'm thinking online shopping is going to win.

I'm at work now getting things done which is great. Woohoo! I realized that yesterday in the FIT lab I got 4 fashion sketches done. I had thought that I did 3 - but, nope, I did 4!!! Also - for each, there is front and back, and some garments have a top and bottom. So in reality I did: 1820's dress front and back, 1927 dress front and back, 1920s dress front and back and 1925 dress front and back. That's 8 drawings, 4 objects. I'm just moving along! And I counted last night - I have 10! So that part of the semester projects IS completed - I just need to find a nice way to mount them in a binder and organize them in chronological order with colorful dividers. Hehehe...

After the bar tonight, Dave and I are also invited to a party. It's going to be a busy evening!


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Nov. 25th, 2007 07:24 am (UTC)
you ought to post pictures of your sketches, they sound really interesting and i would love to see them!
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