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Well, my mom and I spent the day with Dave and his mom shopping. It was a lot of fun, but also tiring!
We went to Anthropologie and Dave's mom did really well there. I bought some gifts for my friends there too. Then I bought the charcoal grey cat Webkinz at a Hallmark store cause I couldn't resist! At Williams Sonoma, I bought more gifts for friends and a bunch of stuff for my boss. My mom bought some stuff there for my sister. At the Gap, my mom bought a sweater for me and a sweater for my sister. At Talbot's, I picked out a scarf I liked. My mom found a sweater she liked at Talbot's and Dave's mom got things there as well. At Bath and Body Works, my mom and I had about 6 coupons. I ended up getting two body cream tubes and a $7.50 lip gloss all for .50 cents! .50 cents! She had to spend $24 approximately, but had so many discounts that she got about $60 worth of stuff. We go through it a lot (hand soaps especially in every bathroom) that it totally works out for us, and it was amazing the way the discounts worked and it was great! At Banana Republic, I picked out a sweater for Dave that he really liked, and he bought cufflinks, and his mom bought a some stuff there for his family members. We also stopped at Bombay cause they are still having their going out of business sale, and Dave's mom picked up some things. We had lunch at Panera. (Where I realized that I didn't have a tampon and a girl in the bathroom gave me one. Yey for random acts of kindess!)

I think that is all of the places we went. I honestly don't even know anymore. The parking lot is in front of all the stores, so we were able to make random trips to the car when our bags got too heavy. That is the wonderful thing about this shopping development. It wasn't too crowded, and we were able to get a lot of great deals - we got 20% off everything at Banana (and some items were already 30% off as well - saving a total of over $80 between us - we just put everything on one card) and got 25% off everything at Talbot's.

In the evening, I went out with Dave's family to celebrate his parents' 37th wedding anniversary. It was really yummy - I got bacon wrapped shrimp.

Then we hung out at his house with Michelle, Thorsten, and his parents (John and Lisa had one more shopping trip to make - they spent the majority of their day at Best Buy apparently!)

Now I'm home and ready for bed. I didn't get a lot accomplished around the house or for school as I had hoped, but I made a really big dent in the beginnings of my Christmas shopping!! That is worth something!!