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Well, it's 4:20 pm on the last day of my Thanksgiving vacation, and honestly, I've gotten nothing accomplished during the four days off.

I mean, I did a lot of 'fun' activities - I went to a bar with Dave and my sister to see old friends, I went to my high school's football game, hosted Thanksgiving dinner, visited with Dave's relatives, did most of my Christmas shopping with my mom, Dave and Dave's mom, celebrated Daves' parents' 37th Wedding Anniversary, went to NYC with my mom for fabric and visited two museums with her friends, and went to church with my mom and Aunt Betty and bought lining fabric for a dress I am going to make.

But I did not do any web edits, homework, or housework! Ahhhhh!

I also stopped by my townhouse today and got really annoyed. Something was beeping. I reset all the carbon monoxide detectors. I pulled the fire detector out of the wall and it was all hard wired. I called the Association manager, but they're closed on Sunday. I called the number in my cell phone for the local police, but no one picked up. I called my dad at home and on his cell. No answer. I called my sister to ask Jim at home and on her cell. No answer. I called Dave on his cell and home. No answer. What else was left? 911. I feel like such an idiot, but I really had no idea what to do. And I'm saying to the dispatcher, it really isn't an emergency, but I believe it's all hard-wired, it passed the city inspection a few weeks back (that I took off work to be sure to be at) and it's beeping!

I see a police man drive by - I wave and smile - as in, I'm the one who called. I then see him, a fire car and a flashing fire truck go to another house. I walked over to them and said, you may be on another call, but I did call 911 a few minutes ago - turns out the dispatcher told them to go to another house! What?!?!?

So they were super friendly, had a hard time yanking the thing out of the ceiling - which made me feel a little better since it was a DEAD BATTERY. I'm not sure how I missed that, cause when I pulled on it there was no battery, just wires. But clearly I'm dumb. And if anyone had answered their phones, I would have known this and wouldn't have bothered Tinton Falls' finest. But they were very kind and did help, and the dispatcher sent them to the wrong house. Ha.

I also set up my Christmas tree at the townhouse which was fun. It's a little sparse on ornaments - last season I bought a bunch at Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel on sale. But, it still needs more. And lights. But that will be next year. At least there is one up this year.

I need to get some things done around the house before I go back to work and school. I really need a vacation!!!!