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The last pull through the semester is on! Tomorrow, I hand in my sketches for my mannequin class. Then, I will be completely finished with that class. My exhibition class is finished too, but I do need to write a few e-mails for it, but that's nothing major. My advanced conservation class - we got an extension until next semester to present the work we did on our final garments. However, mine is coming along really well, and one day next week we will have an all day lab session to work on it. I should finish it for the most part during that session - or if I don't finish it, it will be very super close to being finished. So I'm not too worried about that.

The only thing that I really need to think about is my paper for my Accessories class. I have about 6 pages finished, but I need to still work on it a lot. I also have to do edits to another paper I handed in earlier this semester because we are making a compilation of all the research we did this semester, and I just need to edit it for that. No biggie though.

So yeh, a lot of stress is slowly being lifted. I think my art gallery internship is basically finished as well. I need to put together my journal for that with all the paperwork and brochures in a binder, but that is mostly finished too.

So things are going well. And somehow, listing each thing I need to do in my livejournal makes me feel better about things in general. haha.

Thank you so much Sarah and Ronni for the music! I'm listening to it all now! It makes me so happy!!!

I'm still not sure how this semester went by so quickly. It still feels as if last week were summer, so I just don't get it. Hmph.

I'm really looking forward to winter break. I'd like to paint my lower bathroom, do touch up paint throughout the house, finish a few sewing projects, start knitting myself a sweater, update my resume, look for a job for after graduation, and start working on my qualifying thesis for my FIT degree. Along with going away with Dave for some kind of mini vacation and resting. Can't wait!!

Back to work for me!