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Today I have the day off! And, I made a huge list of things that I need to get done today - ranging from paper writing, to laundry, to web design work, to paying bills online. I'm already working my way through the list, but there are so many things that need to get done today! Ack! Next on the list is to write a few emails.

Stephanie came over last night to bring gifts to Charley. She adored him! He was seriously on his best behavior - and although he is in no means a 'bad' puppy, he was even sweeter and better behaved with her around! She bought him clothing and a toy along with a lot of food, so that was really nice.

Tonight Dave has plans and we'll see if they happen. I just need to focus on getting my work done during the day, to take advantage of my day off!

Tomorrow we are meeting up with Jenn M and her boyfriend. That should be fun as well! Dave is also going paintballing this weekend, and to me, it just sounds cold and uncomfortable. But, he's a boy and likes that sort of thing!

If I get all my work done, maybe I'll have some time to sew. What a wonderful idea!!