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I made the edits to my accessories paper. Now I need to write a concluding paragraph/page, and add captions to my images, along with make sure they are all in the right order. Then I need to make sure all my bibliography entries are formatted correctly, as well as all the footnotes.

So, it sucks cause I'm basically finished with it, but I still have a LOT of work to do before it is DONE. Ugh.

Charley was sitting on my lap for about a half hour while I made all the edits. It was so cute. He falls asleep while on your lap, and he's such a love muffin. Love it.

We also took Christmas style pictures of the dogs by stockings, and in Christmas hats and what not. There is a really cute one of Tuffy in my red Santa hat that I will try to post later.

Back to finishing up my paper completely. I can't wait until it is done!!