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12.11.07 b

So it truly ended up being a blah evening! I was just so uninspired after the trip to the townhouse. Ugh.

However, I still feel like I managed to get a lot accomplished!

While I was at the townhouse, I cleaned/vacumed/dusted everything and decorated the tree a bit more. It still looks pretty sparse and empty, but it's better than it was before! Here is a pic of it:

It's kinda pathetic in it's own way, but I do like it.

Then in the evening, Dave and I picked out a Christmas tree for my parents' house and he set it up for us. Yey! In the next few days we will add lights and decorate it. But at least it is up and in the house. We never had a tree last year, so this is a big step for us!

Ok. I'm tired. Bedtime.