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December 13th 2007! How did that happen?

Yesterday, in the mid afternoon, I went over the art gallery for a holiday party and it was a lot of fun. All of the gallery workers and some artists were there and we were just talking and telling stories and laughing a lot. It was hysterical.

After that, I came home from work and did not end up meeting with Cynthia. We have terrible planning skills. She was stuck in traffic on the way to her apartment, and told me to come at another time, otherwise I would have hit traffic as well.

In the evening, I finished the design for one freelance client, and I'm really pleased with the way it turned out. I also did some billing for other projects I have finished. I still have a few more designs I need to make for clients. Today it is supposed to snow, so maybe I will be able to go home and work on that. Dave got out his snow blower yesterday. We were both going to take off work tomorrow to do some holiday things together, so it will be frustrating if we need to spend the day removing snow! Ugh! We'll see what happens!

I made plans to hang out with Jenn V. next week. (Which reminds me - I need to reschedule with Jenn M!) I'm excited!!

I also plan on making Christmas cookies tonight. I have this to-do list, and it has been on there for a while, so hopefully I can get that done!

Back to work. I having some issues with some coding, and I just needed to think about something else for a minute!