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So, the end of the semester is finally here - even though I have been finished with FIT classes for two weeks. Today I handed in my internship binder, and a lot of pressure has just be lifted.

Last night I made eggnog cookies and vanilla meringues. I brought cookies to Anthony (Santa below), along with Williams Sonoma food stuffs to my advisor at the art gallery and a Webkinz bunny for friend Jessica.

I'm in love with the cookies I made yesterday - the Dutch sand cookies I made last Friday night with Dave and these Eggnog cookies are basically my two favorite kinds of homemade cookies. Love love love.

This afternoon my mom and I did some last minute shopping - we're basically all finished now, we just needed to get a few little things. While we were out, we spotted the Webkinz turtle - and I bought one for each of us - just cause no other place has them and they're super cute.

I then super cleaned the kitchen and vacuumed the first floor, for fun. I figure it's easier to keep the house in pristine condition a small amount at a time rather than doing the entire house fully at once.

I also wrapped all of the gifts to my sister from my parents. All of my gifts are wrapped. I also wrapped Dave's gifts for him, which makes sense since some of them are from the two of us anyway. So gifts basically seem to be under control. Yey!!

I now have to finish up a logo for a freelance client, and then probably watch some tv. Dave says he doesn't feel that well, so he's resting.
Tags: christmas, cleaning, cooking, dave, graphic design, internship, jess, mom, shopping, sick, webkinz, work
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