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One of my best friends, Jenn, works for Macy's for their Special Events (think: Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Macy's flower show, NYC fireworks display on the 4th of July) She also is very much involved with setting up their Santaland (at the Macy's on 34th street in NYC) and today my mom and I went to visit her there. She left her office, donned the elf costume (She is elf "Stardust") and hung out with us in Santaland. It was a lot of fun and very festive!

Jenn and I in Santaland

Jenn, my mom and I with Santa. I told him I wanted a webkinz pegasus, a real pony and a house. He told me that real ponies come with responsibilities and he didn't know if I would be able to handle it - he told me he'd have to talk to my parents about it and see if they think I'm ready for it. (Santa turned down my pony!! Pft.)

Jenn and I with Santa

Me with the ballerina teddy bears in Santaland. And look at the bear audience! After being a ballerina for years, how could I not pose next to the ballerina bears? hahaha!

One more of Jenn and I by the teddy bear marching band

So that was definitely a lot of fun! Jenn started doing this about 6 years ago at Christmas time as a part time job, and I think that is how she really got involved in Special Events there. She has been on tv promoting the Thanksgiving parade all around the country - it is seriously one of the coolest jobs ever, and one of the most interesting jobs that my friends have, as well! It was also nice to see her twice in one week, since we baked at her house on Tuesday night. How fun!

After we got back from the city (I decided to drive in today - we parked a few blocks away from Macy's, ate lunch at a Wendy's - and the parking was only $22!!! Wowee!!) we did some more quick shopping. I picked up a few more little things for Dave, and another family friend. I also got fabulous Cinnamon Apple candles from Pier 1. Yummy smelling.

I'm home for the evening, and actually pretty tired. I have some more graphic design work to do. Better get started...