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I woke up this morning and went to my great aunt's house to help her unpack all of her things from moving. I unloaded about 10 boxes of things - mostly books and sets of china. Her house is really coming together - it really is a gorgeous house. And, now she is my next door neighbor! I also hung up a wreath on her front door, and then went around the house hanging her artwork and photographs. It was actually a lot of fun!

After that, my mom and I did the food shopping for Christmas dinner. This year, I will be making green beans with mushrooms, jello salad (that I always make), angel food cake and chocolate chip cheesecake. I'm excited.

This evening is Dave's brother's birthday party.

I wrapped all the gifts from my parents last night for them - including a bunch of gifts for ME. Hahaha. It took a long time, but they're all ready now.

So things are really shaping up around here for Christmas time. I still have more shopping to do - but just extra stuff now. Everyone is covered - now it just comes down to going out for fun and seeing anything extra that I think someone might like. I bought more things for Dave yesterday after going to NYC with my mom. I want to get a few more things for Alyson.