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Christmas is almost here! Yey!
Thursday night I made chicken Francaise, so I have been eating that for random meals. Yum.

This morning, my mom, Alyson and my Aunt Betty went shopping. I really didn't get anything more - except a wine bottle opener from Pottery Barn for Dave's brother and three holiday lotions from Williams Sonoma, but the others (Alyson and Aunt Betty, really) did well. We ate lunch at Panera which was a lot of fun as well.

After that, I ordered a pizza, and Dave looked at my tire - oh right. Last night we went to John's birthday party (John is Dave's brother) and Dave drove my car on the way home. We were driving along the highway, and Dave hit a pothole. Nothing happened, really - but he *thought* the left side of the car felt 'funny.' This morning I went to move my car from the end of the driveway, and sure enough, the front left tire was completely flat. Ugh.

So, Dave was working on my car, and I was making another batch of the yummy Sand Cookies. Then Dave and I watched Nightmare Before Christmas, which I had never seen before, and that was cute.

I also have wrapped all of my sister's gifts for her - she came over with bags and bags of gifts, and I helped wrap. I did Dave's too, and my mom's as well. (Including gifts for myself...but I might have mentioned that in a previous entry?)

Yesterday my mom and I also did all the food shopping for Christmas dinner. I am in charge of the...

de ja vu. Did I type all this yesterday? If so, oh well, I'm going to repeat. If not, here's what I'm making: green beans wtih mushrooms, jello salad, angel food cake and chocolate chip cheesecake.

So, while I was baking, I went out the side doors from my kitchen (that leads to a wrap around deck) to put a bottle in a recycling bin - and I completely fell on ice that was there, landing on my right shin and knee, and whacking my arm on the deck table on the way down. I really thought I had broken my arm - or was afraid that I had. It had a lump on the side of it and hurt, but I could move it - making it not broken. My mom was trying to joke around, as she cleaned my leg that "at least I didn't rip a hole into my juicy couture velour jumpsuit" that I was wearing - ha. ha. (I love these things. I have 4. They're very "New Jersey." And comfortable.) So my right leg is a mess and my right arm has a huge bruise. Nice.



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Dec. 23rd, 2007 04:10 pm (UTC)
Ow, that must've hurt! I have two velour sweatsuits too, I wear them all the time. I wrapped my family's presents in green tissue paper because we were out of regular wrapping paper. Whoops. :)
Dec. 24th, 2007 01:30 am (UTC)
They're so comfy! I love wearing them!

Green tissue paper works, haha!
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