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I had a wonderful Christmas!

On Christmas day, my sister came over and we opened our gifts. Then I did some cooking for dinner, and Dave stopped by to do our gifts. My aunt Betty came over for dinner, and after dinner I went to Dave's aunt's house, then Dave's sister's house, and then back to Dave's house. It was great visiting with everyone in his family, along with spending time with my family. It was a great day!!

I received some really nice gifts that I am very thankful for (thankful? thankfull? Why does that not look right? How do I NOT know how to spell that word, lol) - and here are some highlights of my favorites: My mom bought me a wishing jar that plays music, a sewing machine, Anthropologie clothing; Alyson got me a Vera Bradley umbrella!!, a ring, (and she even had a stocking made up for me that included a Webkinz unicorn!! That's a retired one! Wowee!); Aunt Betty bought me the most wonderful leather jacket I have ever seen from Banana Republic; Dave bought me a Coach bag and his parents also picked out for me that matching wristlet! Those were my faves, but everything else was wonderful as well!

Today I went shopping with my mother and sister, and I bought some things on sale with gift certificates and such that I have been eyeing all season - the Pottery Barn beaded snowflake tree topper, Anthropologie ornaments (I bought 13!! Love them so much!!), and some food stuff from Williams Sonoma. My sister bought me two Hallmark ornaments on sale - the dog with the vending machine of bones and the notions christmas tree composed of thread and a thimble. Very cute. I then let her pick out an Anthropologie one that she liked for her.

This morning I helped aunt Betty unpack more boxes to help her move into her new house. It really is coming together and the house is really beautiful. Tomorrow I will be painting her lower den.

Well, Christmas is over and that makes me really sad, for some reason. I had a great holiday though and got to spend it with my friends and family whom I adore so much. There were so many fun get-togethers, parties, gift exchanging events, cooking and baking with friends and family, shopping trips, multiple trees to decorate : it was just a lot of fun, and I couldn't have spend my holidays with better people!! My family and Dave especially mean the world to me, and we had a blast together!

And I wanted to share a picture of Dave on Christmas eve, passed out:

He looked so cute that night - he wore a French cuff shirt and the Tiffany cufflinks I bought him for some holiday in the past, I don't remember which though...

I think Dave really liked what I bought him - the boxers fit him (he wore them today!), and I made him a Shutterfly photo book of all of our pictures together (at least pictures from like, almost every event we've been to!), a Banana sweater, and a Tiffany key ring with the fishing motif, along with stocking stuffers (including a marshmallow gun-shooter!). He's amazing, and I loved his gifts to me, too!!!!


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Dec. 27th, 2007 07:53 am (UTC)
random but, i finially got a webkinz today, i got a black cat and named it winnie but the site isn't working, i figure it's bc of the christmas traffic overloading the server, i tried it on both computers but just to be sure i thought i'd ask you if you've been having problems logging into it today too
Dec. 27th, 2007 01:33 pm (UTC)
I had problems on Christmas, but not yesterday. Yikes! Try again!! You'll love it!!
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