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2007 is almost over. That's crazy!
This morning I completely finished painting my aunt's den. I had to paint the back of one door today, so now it is finished!

I have some web site edits that I will be doing for the next hour or so. After that, I have a dentist appointment. Fun.

Dave is sick today. We had plans for a party tonight, but now that's questionable. We just have to get through the day and see what happens. I didn't get anything accomplished last night. For some reason I was just super uninspired and just sat around, basically doing nothing. Hopefully I can rectify that today and actually get something done around here!

My icon is from "Great Expectations" which is just a fitting title for the new year, along with a kiss, like, at midnight! I'm really looking forward to the new year!

I bought a 160 GB hard drive for storing all my pictures. I already have a smaller one, but I'm just kinda nervous about losing everything, so I bought this as well. It's pretty, too.

I had a lot of fun at my family party last night. I will post pictures as soon as I get them from my sister's camera. It was nice seeing my cousins and we talked about lots of different stuff and it was fun!

Charley is getting to be so big! I remember 12 years ago, in the 7th grade, I threw a New Year's Eve party with my friends and my boyfriend at the time, and I had just gotten Tuffy a few days prior. Tuffy is now my 12 year old beast that I love more than anything in the world! This will be his 13th New Year's Eve celebration! What a big boy!!

Time to go do web edits!