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Happy 2008!

Wow. Last night was interesting. Dave and I went to his cousin's house for her New Year's Party. We had a blast - it was great talking to her friends, and Dave's family members who were there. A lot of the girls there are a little bit older than myself, so the topic was about babies and names a whole lot since they all have babies or are in the process of getting pregnant/pregnant. So it was interesting.

We stayed there for a while but not until midnight. There was a ton of amazing food, and we had a really great time! When we got back to his house, we drank tea and just hung around until midnight. At midnight, we were together and I told him I wasn't feeling so hot. We kinda ignored it, but I just felt nauseated. The ball dropped, happy 2008!!!, blah blah. I then ran to the bathroom and puked as poor Dave held back my hair and rubbed my back. He was cute - he was telling me how he cleaned the toilet that morning so I could like lean in it and not get skeeved cause he had just cleaned it. Haha. I honestly didn't even care at that moment!!!

Is this an foreshadowing of what the new year will be like??

Oh right - here's the kicker.

I didn't drink anything last night!! I think I'm the only person in America who puked on New Year's Eve after drinking NOTHING. Nice.

However, I did go to the dentist in the afternoon, and when I was a kid, I would sometimes puke after going to the dentist. The tooth polish or whatever just bothers me. I had pina colada at the dentist too, and it actually tasted pretty good...at the time...

So yeh. Today I'm feeling ok, not wonderful, but decent.

I'm sorta making a new year's resolution. They're kinda funny and random, but here goes:

-to finish all my bath lotions and shampoos. I have soooo many. They just keep collecting. Just to work my way through my beauty supply stuffs in general. That's also just to be on top of beauty practices in general - get hair cuts every 8 weeks instead of dragging. Keep my hair highlighted often. Always moisturize, keep nails always painted and not chipped, etc.
I never look completely sloppy (in my opinion, haha) but I just want to be even more aware and on top of it.

-to have a set amount of money in savings at the end of the year. I'm not sure what the amount is yet cause I need to see how much I have after paying my Spring 2008 tuition. But I'd like to have a nice chunk set aside.

-To finish some artistic/craft projects. I don't have that many unfinished at this time - but just in general to take time to knit, paint, embroider, and sew even MORE.

-An obvious goal is to graduate! Spring 2008 will be my last semester of grad school! Woohoo!

-And, I would like to go on a vacation with Dave. We keep talking about a cruise, so that would be nice. We've been together for 3 years and haven't gone anywhere besides our family's vacation homes. I'm thinking Bermuda this summer.

-And overall, I just want to be nicer. In real life, I'm super judgemental, little things irk me and I get nasty. That should probably be curbed...

So there they are. They're more like goals rather than resolutions, but same idea.

And, since it is the first of the month, here is an update on my 101 in 1001:

The only thing I really accomplished this month was to complete my internship at the art gallery for my MSU MA degree. That was a big one though!!

Well, happy 2008 everyone!!