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My FIT online Fashion Design class begins tomorrow. I have a pre-test assignment that I should work on this evening.

Today I accomplished nothing. I had all these plans, and then I did nada. Ugh. However, I did run some errands with my sister and my mother, and I bought a paper towel holder for my Aunt Betty.

I adopted the Webkinz pet of the month, a lilkinz golden retreiver. Yey!

Tomorrow I go back to work, which should be fun. I have to do some billing for freelance clients as well, which is always a good thing!

I bought a 160 gb hard drive. Did I mention that already? Hmph. I dunno.

I'm feeling a little better today. I went to Aunt Betty's for dinner with my family which was nice. Lasagna = yummy.

I had planned to knit a pair of gloves that Mandi had made, but it didn't happen today. Maybe tomorrow? I also have to do some painting in my sister's family room.