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I'm back at work today, which I actually really enjoy. Sometimes if I am at home for too long, I sort of wallow and then nothing gets accomplished.

I'm feeling 100% better from my NYE vomiting episode. Yuck.

Last night I finished my first drawing assignment for my fashion design class. The teacher said that we are going to progress a lot, and I'm excited to see my work in the end, already! haha. I'm such a dork like that.

Tonight I'm going to start knitting a hat for Dave that Mandi brought to my attention through a pair of fingerless gloves that she knit, from Knitty.com. I think he'll really like it, and I'm excited to work on it!

Dave is also sick, but with a head cold. He gave it to me around Thanksgiving and I'm doing my best to avoid it this time around. It wasn't fun, so I don't want to catch it again!!

My credit card bills containing my tuition are going to come in soon, which makes me a bit nervous. I've been saving like a fiend, so most, if not all, will be covered, but it's just scary! As soon as I pay it off, I will just have to get back into saving again! I think I can handle it. Especially now that Christmas is over, there really isn't anything that I need. Well, one thing I do need - a new pair of jeans - but I can wait on that for a while since I don't even wear jeans to work anyway. My favorite pair, Paper Denim and Cloth that I bought at a boutique in LBI for an astronomical amount, are now starting to get holes in them that weren't there when I bought them (haha - they came with a few abrasions strategically placed). So yeh. New jeans is on the list. But clearly I'm in no hurry.

My mom gave me a 2008 Vera Bradley engagement calendar for my birthday, and last night I transferred all my important information from the old one into this one - addresses, birthdays, pay days, tax due dates, townhouse fee due dates, etc. I think I like the layout of the one last year better, but whatever. I'll get over it.

Back to work!