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I ordered my class ring for FIT before Christmas break, and I believe it will be arriving shortly!

This is the design I picked:

Except I picked a mother of pearl stone instead of the black.
I'm excited and I hope it comes in soon!

I had been waiting for various packages that I ordered recently, and yesterday some came in:

1. My new rim for my car arrived! Yey! It sucks not having a car.
2. I ordered a new pair of knee high black books with like, buckle details on the side. Very cute.

I'm still waiting for a Wedgwood saucer that I ordered for my great aunt on ebay in her china pattern since one broke during her move. I'm also waiting on a Givenchy perfume that I wear that is now discontinued. Boo. So I found three bottles and picked them up as well since I reallllllly love the way it smells and would be annoyed if I could never get it again.

So yeh. Some fun things. I also need to look through my yarn stash since I'm about to embark on a few knitting projects. If I have some left over that I can use so I don't need to purchase more, that'd be great. However, I do have a few yarn gift certificates that I could use, so that will be fun too.

Dave is on his way to the dentist right now. How fun. I don't envy him since I was there three days ago!

Last night I painted my nails a fun pink color. It's cheerful and pretty.

Back to work!