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My mom and I have been watching the Project Runway marathon while I've been working on freelance web stuff. It's relaxing and exciting since I haven't been keeping up with this season. People at work are asking my opinion on the contestants cause I'm in fashionland myself at FIT, and since I haven't been watching, I'm not good at making conversation. Tomorrow I will be caught up though!!

I'm watching last week's episode now, and then we will watch the new one for this week. Yey!

I was able to do some more billing for designs as well too, which is great. Especially since I just wrote a check for my FIT tuition. Ouch.

Dave's dog Daisy is not doing well. She's a Great Dane and about 12. She has lymphona and in the past two weeks, her health has deteriorated a lot. It makes me so sad and Dave loves her so much. She's a part of the family, and it's upsetting that she is sick.

Back to getting more work done!!


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Jan. 10th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
i love project runway. that show is addicting :)

poor daisy. hope dave is ok, i know i'd be crushed if my dog was sick or i lost him.
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