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I'm at work today. Originally I thought today would be off, but it turns out they needed me and I had a big meeting this morning, and it's extra money! So things are going well and I'm keeping busy which is a good thing! I'm working on a bunch of major sites at the moment so I feel like I am accomplishing a lot, as well!

Last night I worked on a new design for a client and sent it off to them. I also created a proposal for another client, did some other edits. Then I went to see Dave. He went to the doctor yesterday and has a bacterial infection. We were going to go away this weekend but so much is happening now that we won't be. I can use this weekend then to do some more cleaning and organizing, along with web work. The goal of my winter break is just to earn as much money as possible. I'm working more hours, taking on more freelance clients and I even did house painting!

I also wrote a check the other day for my FIT tuition. It actually hurt to write it. I had been saving SO WELL and then with one check, whoosh. At least I didn't have to touch my savings account. Then I would have been really annoyed. Now I know how it must feel to pay for a wedding, or a big vacation... I still have to pay car insurance and taxes for my townhouse soon though and that's no fun.

My fashion design class is going well too. I have another homework assignment due by Sunday night. I have a writing assignment due tonight as well, and had one last night too. It's keeping me busy, but is interesting!!

Molly and Bob turned four yesterday. They're such sweeties!

Back to work. I have to set up the css menu and includes for another department. I want to get it done by the end of the day. I should be able to, and I probably won't stay all that much longer anyway...