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Yesterday I spent most of the day working on new sites for clients, and bunches of edits. It was a very productive day and I'm happy about the amount of work I completed! Today I have been added new domain names to the server and I will be working on a logo design for a new client. Things are going well!

Last night Dave played some hockey with friends and we hung out. It was a nice, quiet evening and we sat and drank tea together. He's such a sweetie.

Today I intend on starting to knit the hat that I want to make for Dave, and do some cleaning. I'm also in the middle of another new layout that I'd like to tweak and finish today. Woohoo!

Dara - I just spent about two minutes cleaning up poop in our backyard! Charley did have a parasite that he was on medication for, and it turns out that is one of the reasons that they eat poop. Hopefully, the parasite is gone, but now we just have to make sure he has no access to poop. Our backyard is large, and there are multiple dogs who play (and poop) out there, so I cleaned it all up and hopefully he will stop his little dirty habit!! Thanks for the article!! (I'd love to see a picture of your glove!)

Back to getting more work done.