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Thanks everyone for your comments on the previous entry. Made me smile :) I'm pretty sure I'm going to audition and see what happens from there!

Today something funny happened at dinner - I was eating macaroni and cheese with leftover steak, and a piece of elbow macaroni sorta got stuck. I didn't think anything of it and swallowed and it didn't choke me, but I could still feel it. So, at the end of my dinner, I sorta plugged one nostril and blew - and a piece of macaroni went flying out of my nose! My sister and Jim were pretty horrified. I thought it was pretty cool. I told Dave about it and he thought it was funny too. It was a pretty big piece! hahaha

Dave and I watched Dance War and Notes from the Underbelly. I liked Max a lot as a dancer, but he didn't get picked, so that sorta upset me, but oh well. It's still fun.

After work, I designed a mock logo for a new client, and wrote up a contract for another. I also talked to another on edits to their mock layout, and I can start building their page. Keeping busy = wonderful! I'm so happy!

Bed time. I'm tired.



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Jan. 15th, 2008 09:03 pm (UTC)
that nose thing had totally happened to me before. it was with rice though. the feeling of it when its up there is so weird! like when you breathe and stuff haha
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