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This is the fashion assignment I completed on lunch today. We had to take a garment from history and redesign an outfit for today using elements that appeared in the original garment. I used the sash draping and the pleated skirt for my updated ensemble:

I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. This assignment we also posted as public for the entire class to view, so I'm glad that I won't be embarassed or anything.

I have some stuff this evening that I HAVE to get done - I'm submitting a paper to a conference and I need to edit it and send it out. I also have a fashion writing assignment that I didn't see - online classes for me, are tough to follow! I do better getting a syllabus and meeting in person and I guess hearing what is to be done and stuff like that. This goes by modules...this assignment was Module #4. Module #3 was due Sunday night. This #4 didn't have a due date. Apparently, the discussion for Module #5 is due tonight. I wasn't even looking at #5 yet! Yikes! So I have to get back on track and go do that.