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Yey! Finally!
Last night I began knitting the hat for Dave and I'm already excited about the way it is turning out. It's my first time knitting a pattern with two colors - I have done tons with varying yarns, and tons with multiple yarns for texture, and tons with designs that are created through different stitches, but I'm excited about this because of the wave pattern and the use of two colors! Yey, I'm moving up in the world...even though I basically already can knit a wide variety of things, I feel good about the two colors.

So I will post progress as it comes along. I'm so excited, and I hope he likes it!

Life is going along nicely too. I got another job offer, part time, and that makes me happy. Freelance work is still going strong. Work at the university is great as usual - busy, but I love the environment.

I have a couple of projects set aside for this evening - tonight I HAVE to submit a paper that I previously wrote to a conference. The deadline is tomorrow (postmarked) and I would like to submit my work. Last time I submitted something, it got selected and I then had the opportunity to present my paper at a conference. Great experience, especially if I ultimately look for a job in academia. So yeh. I want to get that sent out today. Or, finished and packaged today to be sent out tomorrow morning.

I have a four day weekend coming up and I'm really going to enjoy it. I plan on deep cleaning the house, getting all my current client work finished, moving ahead and working on the final project for my fashion design class and knitting Dave's hat. I think I can accomplish it. If not all of it, at least most of it.

I also have a meeting with my advisor about my final graduating paper project for MSU. I want to register and pay now so I don't have to deal with it later.

I cashed in some points on my credit card for a gift certificate to Banana Republic. I'm way excited about that as well. I normally take the cash, but the price of the gift card increases over the cash - and I shop at Banana anyway, so I figured I'd use the extra as a little bonus. I had a nice amount built up since I charged FIT to that card. So, yey! One positive bonus to getting a master's degree and charging it to a credit card!

After I finish the hat, and the fashion class and get back into the swing of things, I want to spend more time sewing and doing embroidery. I have one half finished dress, one half finished blouse, another 3/4 finished dress for Kathy my sorority sister, and fabric for about 3 or 4 new projects. I want to get working on those. And, I'd like to finish and frame my garden embroidery. It will happen...things have just been busy around here.

Back to work.


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Jan. 18th, 2008 04:27 am (UTC)
That is such a cute hat. Manly cute. haha But I love the pattern! Enjoy your 4 day weekend... don't work too hard.
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