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Well, I'm back at school and thrilled to be back, but at the same time, things are even busier than they were a week ago. And that's crazy. My day consisted of class for four hours, eating lunch quickly, a subway ride uptown, walking around a museum and picking an object to write a paper on, subway ride downtown, dinner with my FIT friends, and then another 3 hour class. This week appears to be a lot of decision making that will affect my next semester - I am looking on finalizing my thesis subjects for both MSU and FIT.

So, between working as a web designer 15 hours a week, finishing two master's programs (classes two days a week, writing a thesis for the other when I can), working one day at an art gallery and doing freelance web design in between, I'm busy. Happy, but busy! My classes all seem interesting and fun, but at the same time I am thrilled that I am almost finished.

Today I had access to the Graduate Studies Costume Collection to find something for my FIT thesis to do conservation work, and I MIGHT have found something! Exciting!

The Museum I visited was the Museum of Art and Design and it had a show on Embroidery. It was definitely interesting, and trips like that make me happy that I am going to FIT and in the city to see all these types of wonderful things. At times I may be stressed and don't like the commute or the NYC subway, but it is a time of my life that I am enjoying, and it is most definitely interesting!

I would like to get some homework finished now. Homework! I forgot all about that!! Yikes!