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lots to do

I'm not sure how I am still functioning. There are so many papers, exams, presentations that I have to study and prepare for at the moment. My to-do list is massive, and it totally sucks. However, each day I appear to get done what needs to be done, and am making my way through the semester. My theater history presentation went pretty well I believe, and at least I now have it done. It's a nice chunk of our semester grade, and it's comforting to know that I already have it done and over with. There was also a paper that went along with the presentation, and it's nice to know that that is finished as well. Now I just have to concentrate on the papers and exams in other classes. Like, my history exam today that I barely even began studying for. It's only on WWI, so I think that I will be ok by the time of the exam, yet I am kinda scared. I'm not really good on history, as in factual history. My contemporary civilization class I do well in since we read fiction/non-fiction novels from certain time periods (and then learn a little of the history that was going on at that point) but this is just pure, plain history and I get a little confused. Oh well, I'll just have to try my best.

Molly is adorable, but she whines if my sister is not home. Not a cute little whine, a screaming whiney annoying cry. She's fabulous though. Tuffy and she have still not met on their own running around (we're always holding at least one of them, or they see each other through a baby gate) but sometime we'll introduce them. He is used to her being in the house and behind a gate which is a good thing. He isn't bothered by her, and doesn't bother her himself. They might actually get along!!