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Unfortunately, I got nothing accomplished in the way of schoolwork or freelance designs accomplished today. Poo.

However, my hair is now super blonde. Woohoo!

I went to Dave's after the salon, and we made taylor ham, egg and cheese on a hard roll for lunch. Actually, I should state that he made them and I love when he cooks for me. He also looked really good while doing so!

I have a presentation this week that I'm afraid to look over for fear of realizing how under-prepared I am. I started it last semester, and I want to believe that I have finished the whole thing, but there is this feeling that it is very much incomplete, and the images and information I need to complete it is not taken yet (photographs). And, I won't be at school before the due date to get the necessary shots. I'm worried. I just keep hoping if I don't look at it, it will just go away. Clearly that won't happen though.

I have edited my paper once, and just need to do a few more corrections. Then, that assignment will be completed and I can devote tomorrow to the presentation. However, tomorrow I have an AIX luncheon and it is Superbowl Sunday. Ouch. This weekend went by way too quickly!

However, I got paid today for a site I did a while back. Sweet. When I saw the check in the mail, I was so excited!!!