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Yesterday I unexpectedly got the day off from work, which was nice and enabled me to get a lot done around the house. In the morning I cleaned, and that wasn't all that fun, but the house looks all sparkly. I have one more bathroom to do and the family room. Maybe today? My mom and sister both had off as well, so then the three of us went shopping to pick up a bracelet of Alyson's from Tiffany's and some other things. I didn't get anything - except chocolates for Dave's parents and my Aunt Betty for Valentine's Day. However, I did a lot of looking around. I tried on a BCBG blue dress with a crochet flower neckline and bubble hem, but it really didn't suit me for the price. Also, FIT is doing our graduating exhibition on the shoe designer Christian Louboutin, so I went to try on a few pairs of his shoes. They were lovely.

We also walked around Baby Gap to buy gifts. At Tiffany's, I've decided that at some point I would like to buy a charm bracelet and some charms. I really like the way they look. I also still love the Juicy Couture charm bracelets. I have a gift certficate to a department store, and I'm hoping they have the charm bracelets, and I think I'm going to use it on that. We'll see.

After that we picked up a pizza and came home. My Aunt Betty came over for dinner as well, and we gave her the chocolates. I then fell asleep on the couch in the living room (hahaha) and got a call from Dave's mom - she didn't know where Dave was and wanted to tell him something - I knew he was at a bar with work friends and wouldn't be home til later. She told me that she had to go shopping to a store that is an hour away from where we live (it's by my townhouse, actually) to pick up something for her daughter's upcoming wedding planning. I told her I'd go with her, and she was thrilled. Dave's father in the background was like, "I love that girl. Alex, you're wonderful!" cause he was THRILLED that he didn't have to go along if I did! Hahaha.

So, she picked me up, and we drove an hour each way to the store. Before we left, she came inside to see Charley since she saw him last around Christmas time and she was surprised at how big he had gotten! It was fun - and she bought me two big candles in glass containers that smelled wonderful as a 'thank you' for coming along on a Friday night. So sweet. And they smell awesome.

So we picked up the things we needed, and drove back. Dave was PASSED OUT, so I got to wake him up and we all had cocoa and it was just a nice mellow evening.

So yesterday was a big shopping day for me, even though I really didn't buy anything!

Today I want to get some homework finished, along with some web work and cleaning one bathroom and the family room!