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It's 11:48 and the family room is cleaned. It looks great and semlls really good too cause I'm burning a yummy candle.

Last night I threw away one of my FAVORITE pairs of jeans cause the holes were just getting ridiculous. I have some jeans that came with pre-placed holes, but this was a huge gape at the knee, and the thighs were abraded and ripping as well. So sad.

Yesterday I took my car to the shop to have new brakes put on cause when I used them, it made a scraping noise. I got a call today saying it will be ready this afternoon, but it will cost over $500. Good thing I didn't buy a pair of Louboutin shoes yesterday - my "shoe" money has now quickly been forfeited as brake money. I rather have the shoes, but clearly the car is much more of a necessity. Gotta wait a bit then...speaking of...I'll go do freelance work now...

Red soled love.


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Feb. 9th, 2008 05:25 pm (UTC)
Alex, I LOVE that shoe. It's so simple and classy but the red sole kicks it right up, gorgeous.
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