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I have a couple things to say that happened over the weekend that I forgot to write about last night since I was all about the shoes...

I submitted a paper I wrote on Grace Kelly and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and how their weddings were portrayed in the media vs. how they were seen as style icons to a conference - and it got accepted. So in the next few months, I will be preparing my presentation for this conference. This makes me happy/proud, and it is the second academic conference that my work has been accepted to. I once did a "round table" discussion (the conference in Hartford - it's one of my "tags" in LJ) but that was a bit different too since it was more of a 'requirement' for the honors program rather than my work being 'published' and accepted. So that's pretty neat.

However, the last time, Alyson and I went together and stayed in a hotel. And there was a wedding going on, and we went down to the bar for ice cream at night...and somehow, within the hotel and all the people there for various events, I got SO SICK. I puked for days. I lost over 5 lbs. It was bad. So I'm excited about presenting, but in the back of my mind, I'm still thinking that conference = picking up strange germs and being sick. haha.

The second thing I forgot to mention was something that Dave laughed about for hours.

I was working on web sites at my computer, in my pajamas. On my ass all of a sudden, I had a slight burning feel. I was like, what the hell. I felt like, little prickles that burned. I shifted my weight, looked at it, sat down...then felt the same thing on my thigh...when I then basically realized what was happening. I stuck my hand up my pant leg (though it would have been easier, in all honesty, not to be gross, to go down...but whatever) and rubbed the 'burning' part of my thigh...and sure enough, below that, hanging out in my pajama pants was an .... ANT.

A little baby ant.

How did an ant get in my pants? Not sure I want to know.

This isn't the first time this has happened - one night, I put my head on my pillow and heard high pitched screams. My ear then burned. I sat up, turned on the light, and there was a dying ant on my pillow.

The little guy in my pants was pretty pissed too I bet. He just saw this (big) ass sitting on his head, and just bit in retaliation!! hahaha The scary thing too is that I had spent two days cleaning the house - and I mean, seriously, my house is not disgusting. Or even dirty! It's not the type of place where you'd expect ants!

Take a look~ I was on the chairs with the green seats in the family room:

Pictures of the 'scene of the crime'


And last of all, my mother has always told me that 'people buy more of what they already have."

This is so true, and I'm sure I've brought this up in the past.

I own about 5 pairs of animal skin/pony hair/all flats! shoes. I own pink, red, brown, bright pink (just threw out lime green), tan moccasins. I own two leather jackets, almost exactly the same tawny brown color - but not outdoor leather jackets, sorta like, indoor/spring/fall weight jackets. A couple of Burberry scarves. I have a massive shampoo (of all things!) collection. Tiffany necklaces - they all look the same, too. Generally small chain with hanging pendant (filled in Paloma heart, xo loving heart, cross, the cursive a, open heart lariat, the other open heart lariat with a pearl, etc.) I own two pairs of charcoal dress pants, two pairs of almost identical brown lightweight tweedy pants, but yet not a pair of black ones! (who doesn't own black dress pants?! I had a pair, but I got ricotta cheese on them, and forget to get it out, and it didn't come out....it's just bad. So, yeh. I just wear one of my charcoal or brown instead, haha) Juicy couture velour jumpsuits? You don't even want to know. You've all seen me post pictures wearing them in the varying colors, so yeh...hahaha

But seriously. I am a repeat purchaser. I have friends that totally do the same thing. Some of them are into handbags by one particular designer. Others get 3" pumps, all in the same color. (Mandi - is yarn on your list? - but that's funny too, because I DON'T have a yarn stash, or even a fabric stash really - I just buy the materials I need for each project, but I buy with a specific pattern/project in mind.)

I guess one just gets comfortable with items they know they like, and one's style doesn't vary.

Think about the things you buy - are there any patterns? I bet there are!! What are they? What do you buy in repeats, subconsciously?

(Same goes for gifts - one will generally buy for someone else another version of something they already have - it almost ensures that they'll like it - even if they are just collecting "more.") There are some friends that you probably always buy books for, or cooking things, or makeup/perfume...cause you know they will like it, but clearly already have others of the same kind...

So, for the past two days I've posted about very consumer-based topics. Meh. Oh well.


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Feb. 12th, 2008 04:47 am (UTC)
Haha you had an ant in your pants. :o)

I am a such a repeat purchaser too. The other day I was out with a friend and I was looking at top and said how cute it was and she said, "Yeah, you probably like it because you already have it." Whoops. It wasn't the exact top... I haven't gotten that bad yet!
Feb. 12th, 2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
see! It's so funny! You buy what you KNOW you'll like, even if its super similar to something you already own!
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