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2.14.08 b

Hey everyone - my Valentine's Day ended up being great!

It had a rocky start - I had class super early this morning, missed one train coming home and had to wait an hour for the next. A lady tried talking to me and wanted to be my friend in the train station - she seemed nice, but I don't need more friends. She was better than the homeless guy sitting near me with a conductor's baton, waving it, and telling long stories to himself. But yeh. Not cool.

Stuff is beginning to get to me with school - there's just a lot of pressure and not a lot of time to finish everything that needs to get done. It's just that this is the last semester - I have papers, tests, conservation work, a qualifying paper, and then work for MSU. Plus real work. Plus freelance work. Plus a life! So I'm stressed.

Then I went to buy a cell phone cause I'm sure you've all heard me complain before, but I HATE my Razr. With a passion. I can't get through ONE phone call without the beeping for a dying battery. Most days I turn it off all day and then check my messages and call people back while it's plugged in. I heard this is bad for you though...things like, batteries exploded or something.

Anyway. The salesman was just, I dunno. I couldn't handle him. He was talking in circles about prices. I'm not up to date with the latest phone technology, but I'm not an idiot. I did need him to explain stuff to me, but he sorta only went over things I already knew, and assumed I knew other details? I don't know how to explain it. Basically, I currently have a Verizon phone (hate) and a T-Mobile sidekick (Juicy Couture). I want to save $$ and ditch the sidekick - I only use it for instant messaging for the most part - which a Verizon phone, SHOULD do. So I ask about Blackberry - thinking that AIM falls under "internet" - which I now know it doesn't - AIM counts as "texts" which is bs to me. So after being told about all these add-ons for $x a month extra, and another $x a month (he lost me), I realized I want the enV. But that's an extra, I dunno. So then I ask to have my numbers transfered - which costs $10. But it doesn't if you pay over $80 a month - which my plan totally does - so he stammered...and I was like, forget it. I don't want it.

But there was this whole rebate issues too - he was saying I shouldn't buy it in store (now) cause I'd pay tax. Tax is 7%. We're talking under $10. I didn't care. But he just coming out with the most random phrases, I was like, ok. Nope. Dealing with this later.

The scary thing is, they know no matter what I won't drop their network...which I'd love to do out of spite, but everyone I know is on Verizon. I've been with them since like, before they were even Verizon! Ugh! Like, when I was in the 8th grade!! (Yes, I had a cell phone then...haha - I needed rides from ballet and stuff!)

So yeh. My mom and I also ran sucky errands - post office, Office Depot, etc. Blech. Nothing cool.

I then was a bit late for my date with Dave, which wasn't a biggie, but it took me longer getting ready than I had thought. My night with him was wonderful! He took me out to this new Crepe restaurant by his office. He passes by it all the time, and they just opened, and we thought we'd try it. The crazy thing? The interior looked so similar to my parents' restaurant! Not saying that they copied, clearly they didn't - but I'm saying I immediately liked it cause it was set with the same mind-set, clientele in mind, feeling, etc. It was nice - we shared an apple and brie crepe for appetizer, I had a steak, mushroom with mashed potato crepe, he had a mushroom and risotto crepe, and then for dessert we shared banana and chocolate. Yum. It was nice, and he gave me my gift over dinner - tickets to see Spring Awakening! I'm soooo looking forward to that. Can't wait! (It's even on my 101 in 1001! Woohoo!

He loved the ring and the boxers I made. That made me smile. He also gave me an adorable card with a really sweet hand written message. He's a keeper!

We also have some other fun plans for the rest of the weekend which will also be neat! Lots to look forward too!

So I ended up buying the LG enV in orange online. No tax. No salesman. I didn't add on to my plan at all. Just got the phone. For $79.99. The Blackberry was way more.

Dave also fixed my windshield wiper this evening. When I snowed, I think I whacked it with an ice scraper thing, and it was all flooey. So, now it's all better. I'm glad he's mechanically inclined for a lot of different things - he always does my car stuff for me cause I have no clue.

Tomorrow I work. Saturday is already filled. My life is crazy now.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! Hugs and kisses to all! xoxo


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Feb. 15th, 2008 03:52 am (UTC)
Cell phones are confusing. That crepe place sounds nice. I'm curious now, where is it?
Feb. 15th, 2008 04:10 am (UTC)
Fair Lawn
Feb. 15th, 2008 04:26 am (UTC)
OH MY GOD. Office Depot is VERY cool.

*looks around all shifty-eyed before going and sniffing a vinyl binder*
Feb. 15th, 2008 05:20 am (UTC)
I have such a hard time with sales people. I try to be nice, I really do, but they don't make it easy.

If you got rid of your sidekick would you be interested in selling it? My little sister is OBSESSED the pink Juicy one since she saw it on some blog or somthing.
Feb. 15th, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
If I were selling it, I totally would let you know! I did some research on selling - but there are pictures on there I want to keep, and now have no service to keep them. And I also wanted to stop paying for the service now, but I'm not convinced I won't start it up again at some point...but if anything changes on that, I will def. let you know. On ebay, used ones are selling for like $150! It's crazy! My mom just bought it for me cause she knew I'd like it - we had no idea it would be 'worth' anything!!
Feb. 15th, 2008 12:27 pm (UTC)
I have the older version of the EnV and I like it a lot...I added on the unlimited texting plan because a lot of my friends use Cingular and I've never had a problem. I pay about 85.00 a month, and that's for 700 minutes and unlimited text to any network. So far its been great, I think I could even get away with using 300 minutes a month because I really don't talk much, I always text! I hope you like your new phone, I've really enjoyed mine.

Also, I don't know about the new EnV but the older version that I have is like unbreakable. I must have dropped it like seriously 40 times over the last year and it only has one tiny scratch. Very good quality!!
Feb. 15th, 2008 01:40 pm (UTC)
That makes me happy to hear cause my Razr has dog teeth marks, scratches, areas with not paint - it's so bad.

I'm on a family plan with over 5 phones - so my monthly rate is sooooo cheap cause we all split and there is unlimited in network, which is really what all the 5 users use it for...so I'm doing really well in that respect. I just have to see now if I want to add $5 a month on my line for AIM messages.
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