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Stephanie came over this evening and we sewed together. I finished a pair of boxers for Dave and got a lot of work done on a blouse that I started months ago. I just need to hem it now and add the buttons/button holes. I'll be sure to post a pic of it soon...

Stephanie made a pair of boxers for her boyfriend this evening and worked on re-doing straps on the dress she has been working on. We both accomplished a lot in sewing-land.

However, that means I didn't get any homework or graphic design work done this evening. I wanted to, but I just didn't have any mental energy left for that kind of work! I did a lot of sewing at FIT today (shocking, no? ha.) and for some reason, just wanted to continue on the whole sewing theme.

Dave made his first YouTube video post today:

Dave's golf swing

For some reason, I find videos interesting in journals - you read all about people, but seeing them walk/move is different than just pictures. So, here is Dave's golf swing - I shot this for him back one summer evening. Fun.

Bedtime. I have work tomorrow.